more than a partner in payment solutions

Your broker of choice to take your business to the next level.

Our global payment solutions

With over 10 years of experience in payment solutions, we will guide you towards the best product based on your needs and at a fair price. Whether you are a business executive, an independent software developer or a hotel manager, for all types of industries, our specialized brokers can easily recommend a global payment solution that matches your reality. With our expertise, our main goal is to facilitate your payment process and limit your cost.

The NAXELLA experience

Remember that feeling when you (finally) get great customer service, a flawless follow-up and your business partner goes the extra mile to help you? This is the NAXELLA experience! We are more than a partner for your payment solutions! We are here to guide and help you in all stages of your payment solution needs until the implementation of the solutions that suit your business. To give you a compassionate service that exceeds your expectations and at a fair price is our priority. Make an appointment with us and live the NAXELLA experience for yourself!


At NAXELLA, optimizing your global payment solutions is our number one priority. Optimize and save with us!


A tailor-made service that adapts to your needs. Whether you are a hotel, an NPO, a developer, in the restaurant business or an SME. With us, you will find THE global payment solution!


From start to finish, you will be in great hands thanks to our experts with more than 10 years of experience in the field. They will be able to guide you towards the right global payment solution and give you the best advice.


A considerate and personalized approach is what our customers get every time! We care about your projects and your success is also ours.

No hidden fees

Are you tired of the unspoken? With NAXELLA, our value is transparency and accuracy and it starts by offering you global payment solutions services WITHOUT hidden fees!

A few numbers
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In transaction volume recorded by our customers this year!

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This is the retention rate of our customers! An exceptional rate that proves their satisfaction. Customers use NAXELLA's services, and our growth continues every year!

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Increase in clients who use NAXELLA's services this year and our growth continues every day!

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New clients from referrals.

An easy process

Our process is simple, fast and efficient. It allows for a turnkey transition. With our considerate and transparent approach, we will be there to support you every step of the way.


Support for your global payment solution needs. Contact us online, by phone or in person.


We take the time to explain how the industry works and our various services.


Proposal of a competitive offer tailored to your needs with the lowest guaranteed rates.


We take your necessary information for the contract draft for signing your application and requesting services with us.


Quickly receive your equipment. solution, installation and/or training by a technician dedicated to your account. We take care of everything and ensure a smooth transition.


When you are a Naxella customer, benefit from support available at all times to accompany you throughout your adventure with us!

What our customers say about NAXELLA!

Many customers are satisfied by our global payment solutions. Make the change to NAXELLA and experience it for yourself!

Domenic De Angelis

Hilton Montréal


“The NAXELLA team is quite simply a team we all dream of working with. Available, flexible and above all human. The team always delivers. In addition to all the savings on transactions, we feel absolutely confident with their solutions and services. ”

Marc Lapointe

Association québécoise des technologies (AQT)


“Having been around the NAXELLA team for some time now, it is obvious that the team is solutions and customer satisfaction oriented. They work in a collaborative mode and take advantage of partnership opportunities that could be beneficial for their clients. It is reassuring to be able to count on their expertise. ”

Nadia bertrand

Owner at Esthétique Nadia Bertrand


“NAXELLA has never disappointed me, on the contrary! I've been a NAXELLA customer for almost 3 years, I love them. They really offer a unique experience and are a;ways there for me. I don't know how they do it, but they offer extremely competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of their service! It is a rare and valuable asset these days. I'm always happy to do business with them and I never hesitate to refer them to anyone who takes card payment. ”

Carla Pellizzari

Fromagerie cooperative St-Albert inc.


The NAXELLA team is always there to answer my questions, or quickly help me out wtih any problem. No long waits on the phone, no multi-person transfers. An admirable service! ”


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