Specialized solutions for snow removal companies

An partnership between Follosoft and NAXELLA

A partnership that goes a long way

Follosoft is an integrated management system developed by a snow removal company in Quebec, for snow removal companies. Now used in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes and the United States, this combined management and payment platform with NAXELLA allows, among other things:

The benefits of integration of the NAXELLA payment gateway

Integration in 3 simple steps

Integrating the NAXELLA payment gateway into the Follosoft software is a simple process that allows snow removal operators to quickly benefit from exclusive advantages.



Competitive rates

Competitive rates on transaction fees


Simple process

Quick and easy set up in just 3 working days

Monitoring and training

High-level customer support and service, coaching and training

Real-time data

Track your transactional activities

Connection to the payment gateway

for Follosoft customers