Our partner Koomi becomes MYR

A breath of fresh air has swept through POS (point of sale) systems! After our name change and becoming NAXELLA in 2021, it is our proud partner’s turn, previously Koomi, to change transform!

Today we have the honor and pleasure to present to you… MYR. Acronym for “master your rush”, MYR is the #1 checkout system for fast food restaurants. In fact, independent analysis has shown that MYR processes orders faster than any other cash register software, making it the fastest system for quick service restaurants in North America.

MYR constantly contributes to the development of new technologies in order to offer the best products and services to their customers, always. This company understands the particular context of fast food restaurants and the importance of having access to a reliable, high-speed software. By choosing MYR, restaurants increase their revenue by up to 30% on average. And yes! it’s that fast!

In addition to being extremely powerful, these POS’ are easy to use. The intuitive interface allows any employee, even non-experts, to easily navigate the menu and take customer orders right the first time. So get ready to reduce your queues at checkout!

And the best part of it all? A complete offer at more than competitive prices with no hidden fees up to your transaction fees! Alongside CLOVER smart terminals, the MYR solution ensures you have more in your wallet. OUr flexible solutions are design to meet you specific needs; can even choose your plan depending on the type of restaurant you manage. Do you run a food truck half the year? You can suspend your subscription at any time.

Over 1000 quick service restaurants use MYR to grow their business. You could be part of it too!

To celebrate this novelty, here is our launch offer!*

  1. License at $79/month (instead of $129)
  2. Order online free of charge
  3. CLOVER terminals at $30 / month
  4. Best rates guaranteed

Eliminate your multiple iPads and integrate other online ordering platforms to manage everything in one place (Doordash, Uber Eats, Skip) for only $50/month.

Only need to set up an online order?

  1. $50/month to allow you to get started quickly on the web with an efficient online ordering platform.
  2. You don’t need to change your POS system
  3. $0 for installation and uploading
  4. You only need an iPad*
  5. Simple and fast

You have questions ? Do not hesitate to contact us !

Hurry! This offer is for a limited time only!

The NAXELLA team

* Equipment not included in the price, as needed

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