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Transactions in electronic format are now the norm, especially in North America, the first continent to have passed the 50% mark of commercial transactions in electronic format. It is estimated that 450 electronic transactions are made by each individual in a year. It’s huge and yet it’s just the start. The increase is exponential.

Debit card, credit card and mobile phone are pretty much (and pardon the pun) commonplace ! The speed, simplicity, precision and security of these forms of payment have charmed consumers, even those most resistant to change. And the craze is not only fleeting. These forms of payment are now and forever implanted in our mores.

Although these technologies are part of our daily lives, as with all other technologies around us, they are not static. They evolve at the same pace as consumers, forcing merchants to be on the lookout to ensure they are up to date by offering payment solutions that always meet customer needs.

This “revolution” has given birth to a number of companies specializing in the implementation of payment solutions. If in the great majority of cases they are reliable, the fact remains that their solutions are not necessarily adapted to your reality, because here it is, as effective as these technologies may be, as complex may be their fields of application. It then becomes extremely difficult for a neophyte to accurately choose “the perfect solution”, especially since each representative he meets will claim that “his solution is perfectly suited” for his needs.

Faced with the proliferation of these specialized companies, it becomes difficult, if not impossible to appreciate them at their fair value, or at the very least, to know all that the market has to offer, or even, to know if what you are currently paying makes sense. Also, to prevent the process from becoming risky, calling on a payment solutions broker is a “must”. The broker does not represent the companies, or rather he represents them all, hence the assurance of having the correct information.

A conscientious broker will begin his work by analyzing your current needs, but also future ones, in order to limit your costs if by chance you have to add equipment or applications later.

It will take into account in its analysis the transaction rate (current and anticipated), the speed of execution, the level of management in real time, what it really costs you, the ease and efficiency of the transactional site and some other elements. A final report with recommendations will then be given to you.

Secondly, the broker will prepare a plan specially adapted to your reality and will negotiate on your behalf and with various companies the implementation of the payment solution you need. He will accompany you throughout the process and even afterwards, in the evolution of your payment and management services.

Source: Naxella

Naxella is a payment solutions broker with more than ten years of experience in the payment industry. The company was founded by Marie-Ève Picard. Martin Langlois joined in 2015.

Always up to date with the most recent innovations, Naxella offers solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

The retention rate of its customers is 99 %.

The volume of transactions recorded by its customers in 2021 amounts to more than $ 240,000,000.

Its clients come from both Canada and the United States.

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